In 2022, I ran a series of interviews on the Little Moments of Great Leadership podcast, interviewing some of the excellent leaders I have had the pleasure to work with or get to know about their little gems of leadership – the small things that make a disproportionate difference to their businesses or organisations.

You can listen to the episodes below, or search for the Little Moments of Great Leadership on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you prefer listening.

Episode 1 – Dr Andy Wood, OBE, Chief Executive of Adnams

Episode 2 – Professor Olga Tregaskis, Head of Business School, UEA

Episode 3 – Dr Alan Watkins, Co-founder & CEO of Complete

Episode 4 – Nitzan Regev-Sanders, Managing Director of the Creative Copywriter

Episode 5 – Garry Mansell, author of Simplify to Succeed

Episode 6 – Sarah Aird-Mash, VP of Marketing at Proportunity

Episode 7 – Mark Fisher, Co-founder of MyBigSky