We’ve recently introduced TinyPulse as a micro-surveying tool at Fountain, and within the first few weeks it had delivered amazing insight that really helped us become a better workplace.



TinyPulse sends a single question to our team each week – there are a load of suggested questions in the system, but questions can be amended and added as much as needed. It has clearly been designed for much larger organisations than our agency, but we’ve seen a huge amount of value from it nonetheless – and I’d definitely recommend it to other culture-focused businesses of our size.


Every month, the benchmark “how happy are you at work?” question is asked – so that we can benchmark happiness levels across a longer time period. Other questions range from “how transparent do you think the leadership is?” to “what can we do to improve your working day?”


My favourite thing about the platform is that it’s entirely anonymous, but as a manager, you can still respond. So if someone ranks their happiness levels lower than the company average, you can send a note saying “sorry to hear that, anything we can do?” Most times I just get a “oh no, I was just having a bad day” response – but sometimes, a light can be shone on a deeper-seated issue.


We’re now about four months into using it. Our current challenge is reminding people that the 3 seconds it takes them to answer is worth keeping up every month – but we’ll be reiterating that regularly, and hope to continue finding it really useful.